Trust is good,

Control is better,

Control is not distrust


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Searchteam Narcotics


Problems and possible dangerous situations caused by narcotics is something which almost no business or institution is immune from. Prevention is thus the key.

Our narcotics dogs can screen your location, carry out entry checks, etc. to localise these substances. The presence of these search teams alone is an effective deterrent in the prevention of drug-related problems.

All of our tracker dogs work according to the American standards and therefore we travel to America on a regular basis for extra training and/or certification. The tracker dog handler has a thorough knowledge of narcotics.

Searchteam Explosives


Terror threats and the danger of possible attacks are coming ever nearer. Though we previously thought that this was not a problem to worry about in the Netherlands, we are now being confronted with these matters more and more. Today, it is almost impossible to imagine high-risk areas or events without the presence of an explosives detection dog.

Our explosives detection dogs can carry out a preventative search for the presence of improvised or conventional explosives.