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 4803 EP Breda

 the Netherlands

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Marcel Visser

Based on the experience and knowledge of working with and training both dogs for sport and rescue dogs within the RHH (Rescue dog Help service Holland), Marcel founded Trackerdogs in 1995, which quickly became a well-renowned business in this sector. After taking many courses, attending workshops, and earning his certificates with tracking dogs in Texas and Louisiana he is now a well-known trainer in both the Netherlands and abroad. The daily training, on-site work with the dogs in many disciplines as well as developing training methods has become his life. Marcel’s main tasks at Trackerdogs Academy include training working dogs and providing advice and training to third parties.

Simone Boerema

After many years working as a doctors’ assistant at the GGD (Social Health Services), Simone has now been working professionally with dogs for nearly 12 years. In these 10 years, she has earned various certificates in Texas and Louisiana, USA, working with various narcotics/explosives dogs. Her daily tasks include working with her narcotics dog and her explosives dog in various projects in Europe as well as managing the kennel at Trackerdogs Academy. Simone also has an in-depth knowledge in the area of narcotics and drug recognition.