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Through the provision of advice, training, and support during detection, Trackerdogs is able to offer support in all matters concerning narcotics.     

Where there is a possibility of drugs or drug related problems occurring or where these problems have already become a reality, mapping out the problem is essential. Our many years of experience in, among others, correctional facilities has allowed us to develop a number of modules which can contribute to the prevention and/or decrease of drug related problems in your organisation.



After an in-depth examination, advice will be offered which includes the identification of any possible bottlenecks as well as preventive measures to be taken. The measures to be taken are often combined with training or the provision of information to those involved.


Project support and coaching.

Every situation or assignment is unique. Therefore our approach is always tailor-made to suit your specific needs. Our specialised knowledge and enthusiasm makes Trackerdogs a reliable partner you can count on for coaching and assisting your team while these measures are being implemented.