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Trackerdogs Academy


Training at Trackerdogs is in the majority of the cases tailor-made; during the intake meeting, a clear approach plan is discussed with the handler and then mapped out in order to reach optimum results.

The training of working dogs varies from internal training of the dog to coaching the handler during the training.

Dogs are trained on a daily basis to search for narcotics, explosives, and specific odours. Throughout the years, this daily training has evolved and developed into a successful educational plan and a guarantee for an exclusive standard.

Trackerdogs Academy can also provide various types of training support for your competitive sport dog, among others advice and coaching.

Working with dogs for many years and in various disciplines has enabled us to acquire a great deal of knowledge necessary for working with problem behaviour. This experience played a role in the development of the so-called EDDy DOG (Exercise, Diversion, Distinctness/clarity, Discipline, Organisation, Good behaviour knowledge) principle in which a balance between exercise, diversion, and distinctness/clarity must be found.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments or to discuss just how we can be of service to you or your organisation.